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Case Study: Commercial Office Space

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Commercial Office Space

Rockville, MD


A 50,000 square foot commercial office building in Rockville, Maryland, consulted Boland after facing comfort and reliability issues with their antiquated Rooftop Unit (RTU). The RTU affected several areas within the building, which became too hot or too cold for the staff to work comfortably. After several emergency service calls and costly repairs, the client prompted Boland to develop a solution that would serve as a long-term fix.


Boland installed a 50-ton Trane Voyager unit with Dynamic Air Cleaners to create a cool, comfortable working environment for the staff. In addition to addressing their comfort concerns, the new unit served as a more energy-efficient option, saving the client money on their energy bills. The new Trane Rooftop Unit utilizes a lower pressure drop and is equipped with variable frequency drives, which results in lower energy consumption.

Additionally, Boland selected Dynamic Air Cleaners to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), ensuring that the staff would work in an office space with clean, safe air. The Boland team worked through the weekend to ensure the staff returned to a comfortable environment on Monday morning. With the help of a crane and Boland Service Technicians, the new RTU was quickly and efficiently lifted, installed, and started up.


With the new RTU in place, the client has seen improvements in the comfort of the space and energy savings. Our team worked with Pepco, a local energy provider, to qualify the client for a utility incentive savings program. Our client received a Pepco incentive check shortly after the installation of their new project. In addition to the incentive check, the client has reduced their energy consumption and decreased their utility bills.

With Boland’s help, the client can continue engineering projects that positively impact the economy, environment, and community while exceeding their client’s expectations.

Commercial Office Space Case Study
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