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Congrats to our 2021 Local 602 Apprenticeship Graduates!

June 2021

Back in 2016, five years ago, two men started on a journey that led them to a new career in HVAC. Congratulations to our 2021 Local 602 Apprenticeship graduates: Andrew Cooper and Kyle Sackett!

Andrew Cooper Kyle Sackett

Boland currently has 23 apprentices employed, including Andrew and Kyle. We look forward to three more starting school at the end of summer!

Boland has employed many Local 602 Apprenticeship graduates in the past 61 years of business. John Houghton, retired Boland service technician, is the first Valedictorian, and Kurt Kruger, Field Team Leader, is our most tenured former graduate. Kurt has been with Boland since October of 1986.

While we can happily share that Andrew and Kyle are great all-around technicians, Andrew is very good with air-cooled chillers and as a vibration technician. Kyle is a good utility player who works on a lot of equipment but has worked primarily on VFD’s.

Andrew Cooper shares, “I could write a book of all the people who have helped me along the last 5 years. I’ve built many working relationships that have turned into lifelong friends.” Andrew credits Tim Todd, Field Team Leader, and Jerry Taylor, Service Manager, for giving him this opportunity, as he came to Boland as a second-year apprentice.

Andrew goes on to say, “At times it did not look promising, but Tim kept on pushing me, and for that, I say thank you.” A special shout-out also goes to Mike Burke, Boland service technician, for showing him how to work on Goodway machines. While he thinks he’s now mastered them, Andrew continues, “…he probably thinks I need more practice.”

Kyle Sacket entered the trade behind the footsteps of his father, Joe Sacket, who is also a Boland service technician. Aside from his dad, he thanks Tim Todd for all of his support and guidance, but he is quick to point out that he has learned a lot from all the technicians he’s worked alongside. Kyle says, “I like what I do, and where I work. I’m just looking forward to learning all I can from everyone and become a well-rounded technician.”

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