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Control Your Building's Systems At Your Fingertips with Tracer® Ensemble

As a building owner, having full access to your building's management system is crucial when making your tenants feel comfortable, whether you are remote or on-site.

Tracer® Ensemble provides access to manage your systems dashboards and custom reports all under one platform to facilitate your organization's controls system at your fingertips.

Tracer® Ensemble offers:

  • Integration of your building's systems to have all-in-one access

  • Easy-to-read dashboards and reports to view and optimize assets

  • Control of building alarms, setpoints, and schedules through a secure remote access

How can you begin connecting your building?

  1. Identify your building operation goals

  2. Explore what building connections you would like to have

  3. Define what kind of control system connection you prefer (wired vs. wireless)

  4. Make improvements to your building once controls are installed

For more information about Tracer® Ensemble, read more from Trane here.

Contact our controls team of experts to learn more about Tracer® Ensemble at

(240) 306-3000.


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