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Enjoy Comfort on Your Terms with the Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating

Does cooling or heating empty meeting rooms make sense to you? Doesn't make sense to us either. Remember when we had to cool entire server rooms like a restaurant walk-in freezer? Technology affords us all with advanced options, flexibility, higher efficiency and smarter ways of doing things. One of these things is how you operate your building or facility.

Ductless HVAC equipment is moving in! Literally, into any and every space you choose, allowing direct control and cooling or heating options. That's right, one system can heat and cool. Even better, the unit delivers heating or cooling directly to the space, so nothing is loss along the way. Systems with ductwork risk up to 1/3 of cooling or heating through leaks and imperfections according to the US Dept of Energy.

You will also discover cost savings through less energy use in general. Only deliver cooling and heating to the zone you create. A more sophisticated compressor and fan system allows up to 30% cost savings over traditional equipment. Since heat is transferred and mot generated through the heat pumps, you can see up to a 60% savings. In general, a ductless system operates on less power than much larger units.

Still not convinced? We mentioned no ductwork, right? That also means no cleaning ducts, and improved air quality. Ductless systems aren't simply pushing air around. These systems have multistage filtration, so breathe freely!

All Trane ductless are Energy Star certified products. Check out the Energy Star site on federal tax credits you may be eligible for.

Ready to put one in your building or facility? Installation is simpler and quicker. Call us to find out how soon you can have your building outfitted with a ductless solution.


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