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EP 19: Lighting Systems that Brighten Building Operations

Updated: Jul 5

Building owners, operators, and managers know that when it comes to HVAC, the biggest focus is how to maximize comfort and efficiency. However, many don’t think to focus on lighting as one aspect of their HVAC system. Lighting has the potential to greatly impact a building’s bottom line. Doug White, Trane’s Lighting Solutions Manager joins our own, John Cain, Energy Services Business Development Leader, to talk about the many benefits lighting systems can play in the overall operations of a building.

Episode takeaways:

1. Learn the importance of lighting in the context of having a better building

2. Understand how transitioning to LED lighting can better size the amount of lighting energy you use in your building

3. Integrate controls systems to your HVAC and lighting to benefit you and your building

John Cain mentioned EP. 11: Financing Can Be a Negative Word, But Not With the Right Building Solutions Partner featuring Boland's Energy Services Account Executive, James Tucker, where he discusses the available financing options, incentive programs to help overcome that first cost objection. Click here to listen to Episode 11.

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