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EP 22: Core Partnerships that Bring Value to You and Your Building

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Building owners search for partners that provide solutions that enable them to accomplish their goals and mission. If you are in a mission control environment, it is crucial to have a partner that responds quickly and effectively- the first time.

On this week's episode, Boland Account Executive Stefanie Timpke is alongside representatives from Tatitlek Technologies: Brian Stokes, Program Manager, and Nicole Grant, Operations Control Analyst. The group shares their insight on the partnership with Boland and offers advice when seeking a core partnership.

Tatitlek Technologies has had a partnership with Boland since 2004.

Episode takeaways:

  1. Hear how Tatitlek Technologies' partnership with Boland has helped their business exceed and continue to grow

  2. Understand why trust is a critical factor that should be the first priority of any business

  3. Look for HVAC providers that provide prompt, efficient, and knowledgeable services

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