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EP 30: Establish a Plan That Fits Your Building Needs with Rental Services

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

You can't run a building without a backup plan in place. We strongly urge building owners to create a contingency plan for two reasons: unplanned and planned outages.

For unplanned outages, as much as we try to mitigate them with proper maintenance, unfortunately, equipment may fail, leaving you in an emergency situation. It's important to have a contingency plan in place with access to the rental equipment you need when things go wrong.

As far as planned outages, if you and your team are able to plan out a system shutdown or smaller maintenance projects, we can make sure that you have the equipment needed to keep your building powered, heated, or cooled while the work that needs to get done happens.

In this week's episode, Senior Rental Project Executive, John Finucan, discusses the importance of contingency plans and what you need to consider when putting it together for your building.

“A contingency plan for your facilities is a great way to ascertain if an emergency will cause downtime and interrupt your HVAC powered-to operation.”- John Finucan

Episode takeaways:

  1. Learn the benefits of having a contingency plan for your building

  2. Understand how rental services providers evaluate a building to create a contingency plan to fit each building

  3. Coordinate with a trusted rental services provider to prepare a contingency plan for your building

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