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EP 32: Understanding the Basics of Sustainability

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

The term sustainability is often followed by many buzzwords and acronyms that we may or may not fully understand – what is Greenhouse Gas (GHG)? Global Warming Potential (GWP)? How do we measure Carbon Footprint? A good understanding of these terms can lead to a fuller understanding of the concept, which improves our ability to make a positive impact on our buildings and our planet.

This week, our host Tyler Kern speaks with Boland's Energy and Sustainability Leader, Julie Wolfington, to understand the basics of sustainability, terms and acronyms associated with the concept, and how you can make your building (and therefore your business) more sustainable.

Questions that will be answered in this episode:

1. How is sustainability defined and measured?

2. What do basic terms such as emissions, GHG, GWP, and CO2e mean?

2a. How are they related?

3. What is the first step to becoming a more sustainable business?

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