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Fossil Fuel Plant Retirements Make Way for Renewables in Energy Market for 2019

Source: Trevor Joelson, Trane Energy Supply Services

In 2018, the way we made electricity in the United States continued to shift. A number of fossil fuel plants retired across the country:

  • Over 11,800 MW (enough to power 1.7 million homes) of coal-fired generation retired

  • This represented more than double the amount of coal-fired capacity that retired in 2017

  • Over 4,000 MW retired in PJM (which is the electric grid covering Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington D.C. among other states). This included over 2,750 MW of coal plant closures and 1,000 MW of natural gas plant closures.

  • The EIA forecasts reduced plant closures in 2019 and a continuation of increased renewable development

  • Wind energy development is leading the way, with 10,900 MW schedule to come on-line in 2019

  • Significant natural gas generation capacity – totaling 7,500 MW is also scheduled to come on-line

As the way we make energy in the United States continues to change, building operators should work with Boland to ensure their buildings and energy supply contracts are optimized to current energy market trends.


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