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Giving Back: An Intern’s Perspective

Updated: May 1, 2023

By: Melissa Herazo, Marketing and Communications Intern

July 30, 2019

When I started my internship at Boland, a leading commercial HVAC company in the DC Metropolitan area, I was not sure what to expect. While I knew my internship would focus on marketing and communications, I couldn’t help but think of all the different HVAC terms that I was not going to understand. I thought to myself, “how am I ever going to make it through this internship without having any knowledge of HVAC?”

It wasn't until this past Monday when I went to a Boland-sponsored community event at the Fisher House in Bethesda that I realized that Boland is more than just HVAC.

All smiles: 14 Boland associates and 4 student volunteers ready to serve.

The Fisher House Foundation

The Fisher House program provides “a home away from home” for service members, veterans, and their families who are receiving medical treatment at a military or VA hospital. I quickly learned that in addition to being a client of Boland, the Fisher House Foundation is near and dear to Boland's heart as they make it their mission to make life easier for our veterans.

Making Connections: Serving those who Serve(d) us

Preparing the delicious dinner.

I was a bit surprised that a B2B organization like Boland would not only carve out time for their associates to give back to the community but encourage participation by offering volunteer time off. I got to see the reactions of those we were helping, which made me feel good to serve those that serve us. The meal we prepared as a team was a surprise to the families and a huge success!

Impact In and Out of the Office

The glow of a successful event!

After being with Boland for three months, I was impressed that my time here is not just about getting work done until it's time to leave - it’s about learning as much as possible and making a positive impact. It is very heart-warming to see everyone across the organization work together to drive success whether or not it’s inside or outside the office. I am very fortunate to have found an internship that develops my business acumen while encouraging community service.


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