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How Are You Impacted by Employee Training?

The Impact of Training

Equipment technology has improved and changed over time. What HVAC equipment did 20 years ago and what it can accomplish today is totally different. Even experienced technicians may not be familiar with newer equipment and technology. Someone can work for years in a building that has older equipment, then come into another facility and it's assumed they know what to do.

Consider this: The lack of an equipment training program can result in the loss of thousands of dollars by shortening a unit's service life. In addition, by not utilizing equipment to its full potential, operators are not getting what they paid for.

Why Train?

Simply put: You may not getting the full use and benefits of the equipment if your technicians are not properly trained. Lack of proper maintenance can also compromise equipment performance. And the time to establish proper maintenance habits is during training, as the operator gets to know the equipment. If it hasn't been conveyed to the user that a filter needs to be cleaned and checked at set intervals, it can get clogged and shut down the unit's compressor, resulting in a service bill. It's a simple maintenance task that may take five minutes, but if the operator is unaware of this, there can be a pricey fix as well as a warranty issue.

When to Train?

The best time to implement training is before putting the equipment to use, or when new technicians join the team. This ensures that the users don't get into the habit of using units incorrectly. With new installs, it's important for operators to coordinate with the dealer and/or manufacturer's rep to schedule or attend timely training.

Investing the Time

The most common training mistake is not allocating the necessary time to educate employees about how to operate and maintain HVAC equipment. Not implementing a thorough training program or providing periodic follow-up training are also common oversights.

Make sure you are getting the most out of your building operators and equipment. Click here for the schedule of training courses available at Boland.


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