Is Your Building Doing WELL?

Source: Trane Technologies

You want the best care and advice, you see the best doctors. Right! The same should go for the health of your building.

Connected buildings are the gateway to providing better service and technology to customers. Insightful data allow for solutions that improve a building’s performance. This includes decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy savings, and helping building owners make the right decisions not just for their facilities, but for the planet.

Our strategic partner, Trane Technologies is a world leader in connected buildings, with more than 20,000 connected buildings in the U.S. and Europe, and over 1 million pieces of connected equipment.

The Trane Technologies team sat down with Dane Taival, Vice President of Digital and Energy Services, and Dave Molin, Vice President of Controls Products from Trane® Commercial. Together, they are experts in the current and future states of connectivity, with seemingly endless knowledge on the value of connected buildings’ data and how smart buildings impact sustainability.