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Case Study: Medical Plaza 1

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is important in any occupied building, but especially in the health care industry.

When it came time to refurbish the air handling units at Medical Plaza 1, a like-for-like filter replacement was an easy change from the standard 2" MERV 13 filter bank.

Promark Partners made the choice to upgrade the system after discussion with strategic partners, Recurrent Innovative Solutions (Recurrent) and Boland. Promark Partners decided to install the Dynamic 2" Super V banks with Sterile Sweeps to both capture and deactivate contaminants.

The solution increased the client's IAQ through higher filtration, UV lighting, and products that capture and deactivate contaminants while also reducing fan energy and maintenance hours for the facility.

“We viewed the replacement of this medical building's air handler as an opportunity to install a best in class air purifying system. The benefits of improved air quality are obviously front and center at the moment but knowing the positive impact of this investment for the doctors, their teams, and their patients for the long term made it an even easier decision.”

- Rob Eisinger, Principal at Promark Partners

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