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Mission: Answering the Air Force's Emergency

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Your Mission is Our Mission

The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight, and win in air, space, and cyberspace. So, when the critical Air Force building Andrea Bowling was overseeing threatened to disrupt their mission by having a system shut down due to internal temperatures rising above 90 degrees, she jumped into action.

The at-risk building needed emergency rental HVAC equipment and Andrea needed a partner that understood the urgency of her request, provided a comprehensive solution, and most importantly, that she trusted. She called Boland.


John Finucan, Boland’s Critical Rental Services Leader, received the call and got the ball rolling. “When you call you are my number one client. When you have an emergency, you have our immediate attention,” said John.

Andrea was impressed by the quick turnaround time. “We called Boland Wednesday afternoon, they were at our building for a site survey at 7:30 am Thursday, had the contract signed by 3:00 pm the same day, and the crew brought the 200-ton chiller we needed to our building by Friday at 6:00 am,” said Andrea.


While many people view rental equipment as a temporary solution, John knew Andrea’s building would benefit from a long-term strategy. When the existing breakers could not handle the electrical power requirements of the temporary chiller, John suggested they take an extra step in installing an electricity solution that would meet their future demands and save time and money for infrastructure improvements.

“Of course, we need to find a solution right away, but a consultative approach will work to fix the problem you are having today and prevent a one from happening tomorrow,” John said.


Andrea promised her senior leaders that she would have the building operational before the weekend, and she did. Both the Air Force and Boland team worked together to get the chiller up and running.

It took 16 hours to fully install the temporary cooling solution, but finally at 10:30 pm they turned it on and it worked!

She said, “What was absolutely incredible is John kept us informed the entire time, which made it possible for us to keep our leadership up-to-date. We promised to get AC in the building and we delivered.”

John said, “My mission is helping you achieve your mission. We work hard to not only gain your confidence, but keep it by supporting your project beyond the rental.”


Boland’s Emergency Rental Services are there for you 24/7 because your mission becomes our mission.

Don’t wait until the unexpected happens, be prepared with a contingency plan. With a contingency plan, you gain control and peace of mind knowing that your facility can withstand any disaster and be back up and running quickly.

Get started today with our Free Contingency Checklist to make your mission Stress-Free Emergencies.


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