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Our Commitment to Safety

June is National Safety Month, and we want to bring awareness to precautions and protections our teams can use to keep themselves safe on the job. Given the unpredictable and unique nature of 2020, safety in the workplace has become more than routine safety training and in-office operations, it has become the world's "new normal". We thought about the mental health and safety of employees working from home and changing their office narratives. Around our office, we have signage reminding our employees to adhere to CDC guidelines and practice smart distancing. We also provide masks and hand sanitizer to our associates and have PPE available for clients as well.

We shared the importance of going through the steps to safely reopen our workspaces and buildings, and have created a Building Reopening Checklist to guide companies as they reopen facilities that may have been dormant or have experienced reduced occupancy. Our Supply showrooms have taken extra precautions, such as plexiglass instillations and curbside pick-up, to make our associates and guests feel safe when in a Boland facility.

Being accountable for our safety means working together to figure out how to be ready for now and resilient for tomorrow. As a community, we can work together to build a workplace of safety, accountability, and acceptance. Our Boland Supply General Manager Vince Dawson said it best: "As our nation and the world continues the fight against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic which has affected all of our families, businesses, communities, country, and simply our way of life, we continue to look for ways to serve our customers and communities. Although it has changed how we interact with each other, we are here to help."

As we shift into a new workplace narrative, the values that encompass safety may change, but at Boland we are embracing the change and working to educate and spread awareness to our teams and our clients.

Special thanks to the National Safety Council's ongoing efforts to spread safety awareness and create safer communities. We share the mission, as safety is a core value at Boland.


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