Comfort vs. Precision Cooling

Source: Trane

Data centers and computer rooms are being built everywhere to accommodate the rapidly increasing demand for data processing. Too often, systems that are designed to manage human comfort are being applied to data centers, and they simply aren’t up to the task.

Using a comfort system where precision cooling is required inevitably results in unplanned downtime, excessively high energy costs, and diminished ROI due to shortened equipment life.

Data centers are mission critical and energy intensive. It’s critical to get climate control right, starting by recognizing that comfort cooling and precision cooling are fundamentally different.

What's the Difference?

Comfort Cooling Systems are designed:

  • To manage general temperature and humidity for human comfort

  • For intermittent use 8-12 hours a day

  • To offset low density heat loads; the heat that’s generated by people, lighting, and office equipment. When people aren’t present, systems can be dialed down to reduce energy use and cost

Precision Cooling Systems are designed: