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At Least 2020 Brought the Future of Service Agreements

Would you want a "better" building? For almost any building owner, the answer is yes. However, we understand that "better" looks and means something different for each building and each owner.

Boland’s approach to Service Agreements takes into consideration our clients’ business goals. We work with owners to set building goals that impact their business model. We set a baseline, then utilize the building’s data sources to make recommendations to meet and exceed those goals. Our team will turn your short and long-term goals into a phased action plan; whether you want to improve client comfort, obtain Energy Star or Well Building Certification, or see two times the return on your investment.

Every Boland Service Agreement comes with a team of experts to develop data-backed insights for continuous improvement and the expertise to implement those changes. We track progress metrics and report back to each client on a continual basis in order to provide visibility and accountability.

In addition to our "find it, fix it" model, we provide clients a more granular view of their assets with energy assessments, service activity summaries, and project tracking. Our remote service technicians are ready to provide technical support, help troubleshoot, and fix issues remotely 24/7, 365 days a year. If we can’t fix it remotely, we provide our field service technicians with data and replacement parts to fix the issue quickly and safely.

Even if you don’t have a connection or controls in your building, we can still access data sources like service call history and equipment testing data which can be harnessed to make your building better. As part of your Service Agreement, you will receive holistic reporting and consultations geared toward helping you achieve the goals we've set together.

If you want an easy button, contact Boland – we probably know your building and we may even have service history dating back to the day your building was born. Let Boland focus on your building, so you can focus on your business.

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