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Spreading Cheer with a Wave

Senior Living Facilities have stopped visitations due to the pandemic restrictions so many of those residents are not able to see their families and friends.

Boland Cares wanted to do something for those in the senior living homes who are going through a tough time right now and thought of cheer wave. Cheer wave is a way to lift the resident’s spirits who are staying at these senior living facilities and remind them that we are thinking of them and to keep their spirits high because we are going to get through this together.

On Monday April 20, Boland Cares hosted their first Cheer Wave at the Brightview Senior Living in Darnestown, MD. Around 10 Boland associates and their families came together to wave outside all around the building while the residents watched from their windows. Many residents were so happy, waving with big smiles on their faces. Others were emotional and so thankful for the big surprise they received.

On Wednesday April 22, Boland Cares hosted their second Cheer Wave but this time we went to Brightview Senior Living in Annandale, VA. We had a total of 6 cheer wavers going around to each side of the building saying hello, waving and dancing to the residents looking through their windows. We had some residents come outside to the porch to get a better look at our posters that we had created for them. We had a few residents jumping and dancing along with us as well. Our cheer wavers always made sure to social distance during the cheer wave parade.

Sending our love and support to these residents is very important especially during this time where we are facing this pandemic. Many are sad and miss their families and others are worried because they do not know when this is going to end. But this is the best time to support and lend a hand to people that need it. We need to be here for each other and support one another during these crazy times.

Boland Cares will continue to host the Cheer Waves every Monday at the Bright View Senior Living to continue to spread love and support to the residents who need it the most right now. Check out our Cheer Wave day at Brightview Living here.


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