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Students and Staff are Ready, But Is Your Facility?

August 2022

Start-Ups Can Reveal Surprises

Starting your HVAC system after the sleepy summer months is when problems often reveal themselves, but don't sweat it. You've got Boland to walk you through 'Back to School' system start-ups.

Back to School List:

  • Schedule a tune-up with our service department

  • Order the parts and supplies you need from one of our Boland Supply centers

  • Get help when your HVAC or power fails. The Rentals Team has you covered for planned and unplanned outages

  • Streamline funding of services and equipment with Omnia Partners and bypass the financing red tape

How Can a Contingency Plan Keep the Facility Cooled/Heated Even During Failures

Expect the best but be prepared for the worst with a contingency plan for your school in case of an emergency. Contact us to create a customized plan that will keep you going strong all year long by drafting a plan ahead of time. We will have the services and team in place to get you back on your feet without scrambling for providers, handling logistics, or going through finding approval.

Be In Charge of your Building (from anywhere)

Set yourself up for success with your building automation system. Today's systems allow you to do more than ever before. The best part is, you don't need to be present to:

  • Spot problem areas and identify the source of anomalies

  • Set alarms for multiple factors, ranging from ventilation to energy use

  • Monitor real-time data and make real-time adjustments

  • Pull reports to track HVAC and utility expenses


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