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Take Control of Your Building

Keeping your building comfortable for tenants is crucial as a building owner, but sometimes you cannot physically be at the building to fulfill those problems. Not a problem- we have a solution for you.

Tracer® SC+ building automation can assist with all your needs by remotely accessing your building. It is a beneficial platform because it offers sensors, equipment controls, and enterprise management. It can also connect to both Trane and non-Trane devices because of its BACnet® open protocol.

With the right tools, connectivity can lead to buildings being more sustainable, and the control systems work progressively to manage the comfort and energy of the building.

Ready to get started but need some assistance? Our team of experts can work with you to find the best system for your building.

Contact the controls team at (240) 306-3000.

For more information on Trane's building control solutions, click here.


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