The Most Efficient Comfort Heating in the Market at 95% Conversion!

Source: Indeeco


Whether you have a warehouse, dock, or workshop to keep heated, Invizatherm™ is the smart choice.  Let the quartz era end and a revolution begin with a zero maintenance heater.  You'll never worry about bulbs to replace or reflectors to clean.

With no moving parts to wear out, Invizatherm™ will last you for years to come, all the while giving you safe, clean, energy-efficient heat.  There are no combustion products discharged, no flames, and no noxious gases emitted.  Meaning there is no need to ventilate.

To top it off, Invizatherm™ provides the most energy-efficient heater in the comfort heat market, converting 95% of the used energy into useful heat.

Ideal Comfort Heat

The infrared or IR waveband is often subdivided into three regions: IR-A (.7 - 1.4 μm), IR-B (1.4 - 3 μm), and IR-C (3 - 1000μm). IR causes a heating effect when it strikes a surface, in the case of comfort heating this is normally the skin. However, not all IR is converted to heat.  IR can be absorbed or reflected.*¹ In the comfort heating world, we want to fall into the absorption range as much as possible. Good absorption directly correlates to better comfort heat. Generally, the longer the IR wave, the more absorption will occur (IR-C) and the shorter the wave, the more IR is reflected off of the skin (IR-A & IR-B). Indeeco heating elements fall right in the sweet spot of the IR waveband, IR-C. Nearly 100% of the waves that the Invizatherm™ emits will be absorbed rather than reflected. Our competitors heating methods often land in the short-medium (IR-A and IRA B), which are ineffective for comfort heating applications. We're translating every penny you spend on energy into comfort heat rather than reflecting it around the room.