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Trane Modular Self Contained™ Air Conditioning and Heating Units with Industry Leading Efficiency

June 2022

Recently, we hosted a hands-on showcase for the Trane Modular Self Contained Units at Boland Headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Our product and service experts were on-site to demonstrate the benefits of the Trane offering.

Key features of these units include (source):

  • Most energy-efficient self-contained system available

  • Best choice for replacement applications

  • Smallest footprint, easy to assemble and start up – within 24 hours

  • Engineered for modular simplicity

  • 40-80 tons (from Trane specs, but 25 and 30 tons are options also)


Support and maintenance of these systems are also available from Boland. Our service expert, Tony Murray, teaches the self contained units course at Boland headquarters. Learn how to dis/reassemble the unit at one of our training classes available twice a year or as a custom course we bring on-site to you. Boland is recognized as an approved education provider through the Maryland DLLR for continuing education hours applicable towards licensing requirements (click here for listing).

Give us a call to discuss the Trane / MJC Modular Self Contained Unit at (240) 306-3000 or email us at

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