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Try Before You Buy: HVAC Rental Equipment with Controls

You wouldn't drive a car without a dashboard, so why operate rental equipment blindly? Get the insight you need and want before investing in HVAC equipment with Trane's NEW rental equipment remote monitoring program. Here's how it works: The rental equipment communicates with the monitoring center through a cellular modem inside a remote monitoring panel installed on the rental unit. Remote monitoring provides a secure connection which connects to Trane’s Rental equipment, and independently of the customer’s equipment or building systems.

Trane’s building professionals have the ability to remotely resolve issues that may arise, or provide immediate dispatch when needed, as well as provide and review analytical reports on the temporary rental equipment. The reports offer customers performance data on the dynamics of their operations to aid in sizing of permanent equipment.

Peace of Mind
  • 24/7 Monitoring Center staffed by Trane OEM Building Professionals

  • Allows you to focus on other key areas of operation

  • Confidence that equipment is performing to specified application

Maximize Uptime
  • Minimize costs associated with downtime

  • Trane Building Professionals can remotely resolve potential issues

  • Immediate service dispatch when needed

Size Before You Buy
  • Trane OEM Performance Analytics reports and dashboards

  • Understand the dynamics of your operations/production to aid in sizing equipment

  • Rental rebate program towards purchase of a new unit

Get Started Today

Trane OEM Performance Reports can help with:

  • Demonstrating performance as designed

  • Sizing chiller before purchase

  • Identifying inefficiencies

  • Reducing operational costs & energy consumption

Call us at (800) 552-6526 and ask for our Rentals Specialists or email us at


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