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Understanding the Basics of HVAC Systems

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

There are various misconceptions about HVAC systems and what they do. One of them being that HVAC blows in cold air into your building. The truth is, it does not make cold air, it simply removes heat from the air that is already in the building. Heat is energy, which means that it can't be destroyed. Heat can be moved from a place where it is objectionable to a place where no one is concerned about where it is as long as it is not in their space.

A refrigerator has a similar process to how HVAC works inside a building. An example is when you place a beverage inside a refrigerator, the refrigerator takes that heat from the beverage outside to keep the beverage nice and cool. that is how HVAC works when it comes to keeping us cool inside a building or our home.

Boland's Service Manager, Jerry Taylor, was featured in a new podcast series called "Help Me Understand: HVAC" hosted by Tyler Kern, to discuss HVAC basics and common misconceptions people have about HVAC systems.

Episode takeaways:

  1. Understand the basics of how HVAC works inside of a building and/or home

  2. Learn the four components of HVAC systems consists of and how they all work together

  3. Hear the common misconceptions of HVAC and recommendations Taylor provides

To learn more about this episode, click here.


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