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What's Hot in Unit Heaters?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Source: Trane

Trane High Efficiency Unit Heater is the most efficient and accurate model on the market. Its advanced, engineered design delivers up to 99% efficiency, while modulating the heat discharge to compensate for indoor and outdoor temperature variations.

Available in 6 sizes - 50, 100, 150, 200, 300 and 400 MBH, in both natural gas and LP gas, Trane’s high efficiency unit heaters can be vented through PVC and CPVC for application flexibility. All units are field convertible to separated combustion.

Outdoor Air Reset Modulation

Ideal in regions where temperatures vary greatly between morning and afternoon

High Efficiency Unit Heaters automatically vary discharge temperatures based on the outside air temperature. As the outdoor temperature increases, discharge temperature drops. When the outdoor temperature drops, the discharge temperature increases.

  • Units operate efficiently at part load, so there’s less cycling, lower fuel costs and improved occupancy comfort.

  • Master outdoor air reset requires only one outdoor sensor per building. Units can be networked for seamless, coordinated operation.

  • Modulating with indoor air reset: Units vary the discharge air temperature to more closely match the needs of the space.

Indoor Air Reset Modulation

Units will learn your building’s heating needs and run at the bare minimum to maintain the desired space temperature for a greater period of time. This improves occupancy comfort, increases efficiency, and reduces cycling. Unlike outdoor air reset, this gas control is ideal for regions that do not have large temperature swings.

  • High efficiency—Tri-metal heat exchanger uses a unique combination of stainless steel and high-conductivity brass and aluminum, with turbulators that improve heat transfer from the hot flue gases to the bi-metal fins. Delivers up to 99% maximum efficiency at full turndown; +95% efficiency at high fire.

  • Sustainable—Consumes less fuel and uses a state-ofthe-art combustion control system that reduces direct emissions.

  • Application flexibility—Designed for natural or LP gas. Available in multiple operating voltages, with flexible venting options and some of the longest throws available. Operate a single unit or create a multi-unit network that integrates with your building management system for easy communication and control.

  • Brushed stainless steel cabinet—Provides a high-end finish that looks great and performs well in high-humidity or corrosive environments.

  • Attitude auto-adjust—Negative pressure valve keeps the gas pressure leaving the valve at approximately 0” w.c. Units automatically compensate for altitude without changing components or manual adjustments.

  • Double-wall construction—Reflects more heat into the supply air stream. More supply air is blown down into the space instead of hovering at the ceiling. Enhances safety by keeping the jacket temperature cooler, too.

  • Single condensate connection—Uses an all-plastic power venter that allows for a single condensate connection without worries about corrosion or premature power venter failure.

  • Single orifice gas conversion kit—Simplifies conversion from natural gas to LP, or vice versa, and is included in the box with every unit.

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