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When to Stretch Your Dollar With HVAC Rental Equipment

Just as commonly as you can rent an apartment, you can rent HVAC equipment. And just like apartments, the option are vast. Now, you can try before you buy, and yes, we are talking about chillers, cooling towers, rooftop units.

This option may be the best decision for your company for a couple of reasons. Here are some applications where it is good business ‘cents’ to rent rather than buy HVAC equipment.

• The spatial need for cooling changes, and a small portable unit makes sense by providing flexibility, low cost and no equipment upgrades are needed long term. • You are planning to expand, but in phases. The demand increase will change gradually, and your current equipment may struggle to perform in conditions it was not designed to operate within. • Planned outages for upgrades and renovations where you cannot shut down operation. Yes, even power generators can be rented and installed alongside your temporary equipment. • Off-set demands during peak times of the year. Is one area of your building hotter than the rest during summer, generating more cooling demand than other areas (like a server room)? Rather than generating longer run time for cooling by a chiller, a portable and temporary unit may make financial sense – as it uses less energy to operate.

Best of all, you get trained professionals to engineer the right solution for your needs and the service technicians to install the equipment- all in one company. We’ll manage the project from start to finish, performing the right analysis and tests needed and working with any other contractors on electrical or construction challenges that need to be addressed.

We’ve cut through a street in DC to install pipes over an underground railway. A sound analysis and engineering solutions for the rental job were done in advance and reviewed offsite. Needs change as you grow, and rental equipment provides you flexibility for your operating demands.

HVAC rental cooling tower solution project performed within scope of city

in Washington, DC.

Project performed within scope of city ordinances respective to sound and preservation of landscaping, to lay piping across and urban street.


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