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When Your Clients Want Premium Products Without the Premium Price

Updated: Jul 5

We introduce you to AireForce – high performing:

  • Condensing Units

  • Air Handlers

  • Furnaces

  • Coils

All families and businesses deserve quality, dependable and affordable products.

AireForce equipment is:

  • Quality Every AireForce part goes through a three-part quality check at each stage of the manufacturing process known as the Demand Flow Technology (DFT).

  • Dependable AireForce units are built to last. Each heat pump and air conditioner is checked 144 times, furnaces are checked 234 times, and each package unit is checked over 72 times throughout the certified manufacturing process.

  • Affordable

AireForce was founded on one simple principle: to provide quality, dependability and affordable HVAC Products to families across the United States.

Product Feature: Micro-Channel Coils

Air-Force features micro-channel coils provide energy efficiency and meet today’s changing government regulations by:

  • Use Less Refrigerant

  • Reduce Risk of Greenhouse Gasses Leaking

  • Transfer Heat More Efficiently Across a Smaller Surface

  • Allow for Easier Installation with a Smaller Footprint

AireForce has all of your HVAC needs covered with our MACH 1, MACH 2, and MACH 3 level products.

  • MACH 1: 14 SEER AC & HP Condensing Units and Low Efficiency Gas Furnaces

  • MACH 2: 14 – 16 SEER AC & HP Condensing Units and High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

  • MACH 3: 16 – 20 SEER AC & HP Condensing Units and High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

Get the support and service you need to provide expert care to your clients, including:

10 Year All Parts Warranty

  • AireForce promises a 10-year warranty on all parts when the product is registered. See all warranty details for more information at

1 Year Quality Pledge

  • If the heat exchanger fails within the first year we’ll replace the product with like product under or Quality Pledge. See our Quality Pledge at


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