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    Boland has a nice facility, friendly staff and very experienced instructors who know the machine components.

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    The instructor provided safety reminders when troubleshooting and operating chillers.

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    Great courses. I wish they were longer. I will be back for more training.

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    The instructor was very knowledgeable. IT is good to have an instructor who is a service technician.

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    The books are great because they contain the O&M. I can continue to learn at my own pace.

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    The instructor gave me his contact information to reach him if I run into problems.

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    This was a good class. The basics were covered, so I understood the troubleshooting details.


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Course Name Spring 2018 Classes Fall 2018 Classes Instructor Cost
Intellipak Rooftop Units 09/19 Joe Reinboldt $275 Register
Introduction to Tracer Summit **New Virginia Location** 09/20 Nick Fleshman $275 Register
Tracer SC 09/26 Nathan Fulkerson $350 Register
Self-Contained Units 10/3 Tony Murray $275 Register
Helical Rotary Air-Cooled Screw Chillers 10/4 Brandt Petrie $275 Register
Voyager Rooftop Units 10/10 Joe Reinboldt $275 Register
Intermediate Tracer Summit Training **New Virginia Location** 10/11 Dean Smith $500 Register
Centrifugal Chillers 10/17 Steve Barnes $275 Register
Understanding Schematics and Wiring Diagrams 10/19 Dale Best $275 Register
Variable Air Volume 10/26 Brad Hornbeak $300 Register
Basic HVAC 10/24 - 10/25 Best/Young $500 Register
Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Two Day Installer Course 10/24 - 10/25 Mike Riley $500 Register
Scroll Chillers Paul Singh $250 Register
Multistack/Airstack Units                           Custom Training David Derrick $ Register
Diagnosing Compressors                             Custom Training Dale Best $ Register
Variable Frequency Drives Theory             Custom Training Tim Todd $ Register
Boiler Systems Damian Young $175 Register
CFC Certification Training                           Custom Training TBD $ Register
Innovent/Valent                                           Custom Training Dale Best $ Register
Air Conditioning Clinic Multiple $500 Register

Intellipak Rooftop Units

The packaged rooftop system is reviewed in detail during this course. The Intellipak rooftop is a highly sophisticated rooftop unit in today’s market. This course will allow you to understand operation and maintenance of the unit in detail; an in-depth review of how this system is controlled; how to spot problems long before downtime; and how to verify whether your unit is operating at its optimal level of performance.

Introduction to Tracer Summit **New Virginia Location**

Get qualified for more jobs with an understanding of the Tracer Summit building controls system. Content covered: Logging onto the system; report set-up; alarm routing and set-up; navigating the Tracer Summit and time scheduling.


**NEW Alexandria, VA Location**

Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) - Alexandria Campus

5000 Dawes Ave, Alexandria, VA 22311

(703) 323-3000

Tracer SC

Learn the Trane advantages and advancements of building automation integrated in Tracer SC technology. This introductory course is oriented towards building operators. The instructor will cover many aspects of building operation, including assessing the SC, setting up and routing alarms, general navigation and scheduling. Variable Air Systems and Chiller Plant control are applications that will also be covered. Basic hands on opportunities will be provided during this course for students who are able to bring a laptop with Wi-Fi capability.

Self-Contained Units

Unlock the mechanical and technological components behind self-contained units. The instructor will spend the first half-day covering Intellipak SCU. The second half will cover SWUA and SWUD. Students will learn how to set the HPCO, LPCO high-pressure relief. Class will discuss refrigerant cycle and components, control panel simulator and the operations of morning warm up, mechanical cooling, economizing static pressure controls and more. The class will learn the latest VFD that Trane is using (TR1), Trane SWUA, Trane SWUD and W7100 system controls.

Helical Rotary Air-Cooled Screw Chillers

Take the next step in your career by learning the theory behind helical rotary chiller operation. Course will address refrigerant and lube cycle; CLD, UCM and CH530 control panels; compressor operation and principles. Preventative maintenance and troubleshooting will be covered in great detail. RTAA 70-125, RTAA 130-400 and RTAC 130-500.

Voyager Rooftop Units

Voyager rooftop units and systems are unitary systems manufactured in various configurations providing single or multi-zone heating, cooling, and ventilation. You will spend time on constant-volume Voyager (3 ton to 25 ton) with all forms of heat (gas, electric and heat pump). Constant volume and variable air volume Voyager (27 ½ tons - 50 tons) microelectronic unit controls, operation, troubleshooting techniques and application are also reviewed during this course.

Intermediate Tracer Summit Training **New Virginia Location**

This will be a small hands-on class that goes into more detail regarding the operation and settings of the Tracer Summit system. We recommend students have basic operating knowledge of Tracer Summit controls prior to attending. Students should come with Tracer Summit software on their laptops to get the most out of this course.


**NEW! Alexandria, VA Location**

Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) - Alexandria Campus

5000 Dawes Ave, Alexandria, VA 22311

(703) 323-3000

Centrifugal Chillers

Broaden you level of service and operating logic for interface with system controls behind today’s sophisticated machinery. Identify problems that reduce efficiency and damage equipment in this course. Use control information for routine operational troubleshooting and basics of system components and chilled water system theory.

Understanding Schematics and Wiring Diagrams

This course provides students with a general understanding of troubleshooting and repair of systems using schematics and wiring diagrams. Content covered: Troubleshooting techniques and the concept of internal isolation; the recognition of components and circuits, (including resistors, transistors, capacitors, transformers, coils, relays) and the latest ANSI diagrams; which includes understanding ladders, logic, keys, and legends.

Variable Air Volume

Walk away with the ability to control indoor air flow in this Variable Air Volume (VAV) course. The instructor will teach qualified service personnel to check, test, and seasonally start-up and service variable air volume systems. The course reviews the evolution of VAV systems focusing on current types of equipment, pneumatic, electronic and fan-powered systems. Identify special tools and calibration techniques needed to work on VAV systems. Outdoor Terminal Air Units will also be discussed as this system is similar in nature to VAV systems. Students will learn the system components, how the system operates and maintenance.

Basic HVAC

Immerse yourself with the basic principles of HVAC to strengthen your communication and understanding on the job. Review the basic refrigeration cycle; principles of heat generation; transfer and rejection; in-depth system components; types of heat exchangers; system accessories and controls; piping principles; compressors; the cooling load estimate; psychometry; variable air volume; fans; centrifugal refrigeration; absorption refrigeration; scroll compressors; helical rotary systems; and the concepts of automatic and microelectronic controls.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Two Day Installer Course


This training will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the installation of Trane's Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. Additionally, an in-depth functional study of the system is conducted as well as thorough discussion over the theories associated with properly applying, installing, and commissioning a Trane VRF system.


Concepts and theories will be covered through classroom lectures reinforced with practical hands-on exercises. A competency test will be included to ensure the participant's full understanding of the material presented.


Scroll Chillers

Gain knowledge on traditional and compact expandable scroll chillers suitable for a range of process cooling applications.
  Understand how redundancy minimizes downtime, advanced controls optimize performance and how to perform a trouble free start up. Content covered: Students will learn about the human interface and the CH530 controls. We will also cover some common problems and troubleshooting techniques.


Multistack/Airstack Units                           Custom Training

This course covers Multistack and Airstack units.
Content covered: Students will learn the advantages of modular design and the proper operation of units.  The instructor will cover content regarding system controls, variations and possible options associated with the Multistack/Airstack units.

Diagnosing Compressors                             Custom Training

This hands-on course will cover compressors and the entire system in which they operate. Content covered: The job of the compressor; refrigerant piping problems; superheat and subcooling; electrical control problems; system problems; and system contamination problems.

Variable Frequency Drives Theory             Custom Training

Variable Frequency Drives will provide students with useful information to gain greater knowledge of VFDs. This is a theory course and is NOT a hands-on course. Content covered: Adjustable speed drives; mechanical theory; transformer basics; AC motor theory; drives start up procedures; semiconductor theory; examination of AC drives components.

Boiler Systems

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic design and operation of any boiler. Boilers are pressure system designed to heat water and produce steam for heating space. Content covered: Different types of boilers and how they relate to the basic design; start-up; cleaning; controls; safety; annual service; fuel requirements and other supporting issues.

CFC Certification Training                           Custom Training

The course content and certification tests were developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and Pennsylvania College of Technology.  The first two days of each session will cover information needed to prepare technicians to become certified to recover and contain refrigerant from high and low pressure air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. The last half-day will be used for testing.


Innovent/Valent                                           Custom Training

Understand the components incorporated into these air handling units, often referred to as energy recovery units. The instructor will go over the mechanical parts and operation of these systems. The class will also understand the control solutions available, including: VAV, DCV and air flow monitoring. 


Air Conditioning Clinic

The Air Conditioning Clinic will provide general knowledge of the fundamentals of HVAC systems. Trane sales engineers will team with service technicians to present course sessions that address HVAC theory and practical applications. Updated material includes the latest industry technology and current information on the proper handling of refrigerants in the newly regulated service industry.

This is a 12 week course, held on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Light refreshments will be provided. Please contact us for the schedule outlining each class and topic.

Week 1 -    Psychrometry

Week 2 -        Refrigerant Cycle

Week 3 -        Compressors Recip/Scroll/Screw

Week 4 -        Fans & Variable Air Volume

Week 5 -        Centrifugal Chillers

Week 6 -        ASHRAE 62/ Indoor Air Quality & ASHRAE 90.1

Week 7 -        Water Source Heat Pumps

Week 8 -        Split Systems & Refrigerant Piping

Week 9  -        Acoustics

Week 10 -      ASHRAE 15 & 34 (Refrigerant Safety & Mechanical Room Design)

Week 11 -      Water Treatment

Week 12 -    Energy Management


Class begins at 7:00 p.m. at 30 West Watkins Mill Road, gaithersburg, MD 20878.

Please note, building lobby doors will close promptly at 7:30 p.m. each Tuesday.

There will be no entry permitted after that time.