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Solar Operations


Boland offers a variety of building and energy services that enable you to enjoy the highest levels of performance from the systems in your facility. Whether you’re installing new equipment, maintaining an existing system, or completely upgrading your infrastructure, Boland provides the expertise you need.

Energy Reporting


You can’t improve your building if you don’t know what’s wrong with it. If you want an easy button, allow us to step in – we probably know your building and we may even have service history dating back to the day your building was built. Our team is here to fully audit your building’s energy consumption and determine a plan to optimize spend. 

Take Control of Your Energy Usage 

  • Receive quarterly, monthly, or annual energy metrics and reporting 

  • Collaborate with our energy experts to determine your long- and short-term goals and create a phased action plan to succeed 

  • Gain energy certifications that you can boast

  • Easily update your building strategy as corporate sustainability and energy goals change 

Energy Optimization


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Our team is with you 24/7 to proactively detect issues and keep critical systems up and running. Our remote service technicians are ready to provide technical support, help troubleshoot, and fix issues remotely 24/7, 365 days a year. If we can’t fix it remotely, we provide our field service technicians with data and replacement parts to fix the issue quickly and safely.

There For You 24/7 

  • Visibility into your building systems while remotely off site

  • Reduce onsite staff needed to handle issues and address alarms 

  • Minimize cost by utilizing remote services

  • Dedicated remote services staff ready to assist you

Remote Monitoring & Service


Your building should be your biggest asset. Our experts will use Building and Energy Performance software to analyze data and equipment behavior in the context of the overall system to see what’s happening in your building. Powered by data, applied intelligence, digital technologies, and exceptional talent, Boland provides tangible business outcomes specific to your building. 

Optimize Your Building

  • Reinvest your building's profit to create new opportunities 

  • Implement strategic and proactive building automation services

  • Easily identify and upgrade inefficient HVAC systems 

  • Track energy consumption and operational savings 

  • Reduce wear and tear on equipment with optimized runtime

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Building Energy Performance
Connected Service Agreements


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Boland’s approach to Service Agreements takes into consideration our clients’ business goals. We work with you to set building goals that impact your business model. We set a baseline, then utilize your building’s data sources to make recommendations to meet and exceed those goals. Our team will turn your short- and long-term goals into a phased action plan to make sure you are achieving your mission.

Our Find It, Fix It Model

  • Experts to develop data-backed insights for constant improvement

  • Collaborative environment to determine short- and long-term goal and the expertise to implement the necessary changes

  • Continuous progress tracking along with reports to provide visibility

  • 150+ dedicated service technicians ready to service your building


Thermal energy storage systems change the hours of chiller operation to help lower energy, water, and maintenance costs. Thermal storage acts like a battery to intelligently generate or distribute stored energy to satisfy cooling and/or heating needs while lowering the impact on the grid and environment and helping you to better manage your resources. As long-time experts in dealing with Thermal Energy Storage, we have the equipment and knowledge to help your building see up to 30% savings in operating costs.

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

  • Reduce energy cost by limiting on-peak electricity usage 

  • Proactive flexibility to adapt to the changing energy market 

  • Supplement and replacement fossil fuels as your heating source 

  • Long-standing equipment and systems knowledge

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Thermal Energy Storage


Read Boland's 2022 Annual Sustainability Report which documents how we're making an impact on our industry, community, and beyond.

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  • no changes needed, stay with your current supplier or shop around 

  • (Note - a blurb about how the customer/prospect MUST see the platform for what it (Zentility) is which is a data platform that allows them to seamlessly procure energy from every top, custom supplier in the market around the country across their entire portfolio with a click up a button. It's powerful and can save the customer a ton of money and time. Its a piece of technology they are adopting that is being managed and used by their dedicated account manager (Zentility AM) who is an expert on purchasing energy. Drop the broker or consultant you have for energy procurement and use Boland's service that is powered by Zentility - since we already service the HVAC which drives most of your energy use)

  • 02 – HOW?

  • We leverage technology to constantly monitor the market for your next best buying opportunity be it for electricity, natural gas, or a number of sustainable offerings. As offers are received from competing suppliers, information and market insights are generated using AI-driven by proprietary custom pricing and contract platform data to accelerate internal socialization and the decision-making process.

  • All contracts and property details are stored in your personalized energy procurement dashboard - Logins provided by Zentility.  


  • NO CATCH! We run your energy procurement, so you can run your business. There is no up-front expense and you will never see an invoice from us for this service

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