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Breakfast with Trane: Indoor Agriculture On Demand

Did you miss our live, virtual Breakfast with Trane: Indoor Agriculture event? No worries, we are providing it here to review at your leisure.

What we talked about:

Growing plants indoors has gained in popularity, but conditioning spaces for plants instead of humans introduces new challenges. We will discuss plants, the dehumidification challenges they pose, and how precision cooling for indoor agriculture is different compared to comfort cooling. The session will also cover common air- and waterside system configurations used to maintain space conditions to ensure a healthy crop.

Review the slide deck on Indoor Agriculture presented by Kevin Bradley (Boland), Jerry Scanlan (Boland), John Murphy (Trane Applications Engineer), Eric Sturm (Trane Applications Engineer), and Justin Wieman (Trane Applications Engineer).

As an added bonus, we are throwing in the Q&A report, too!

Want access to the video recording? Complete this form and get the link:


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