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Build Your Plan for 2019

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

We know everyone has a lot on their plate, and we aren't talking hams or turkeys. Let's start planning ahead for 2019. Below is a list you can use to format your goals, schedule what you need and options to streamline processes. Plus, get a 2019 Boland wall calendar- FREE!

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Checklist for 2019 Commercial Building Planning

Here's to the holidays, cold weather and a new year ahead. As we all make our own personal and professional goals, we thought we'd help you get started!

Maintaining and improving a building has challenges and costs to overcome, while keeping the occupants health and comfort in mind.

Here are seven solutions that can help you achieve goals in 2019:

  1. Add a Contingency Plan. This gives occupants peace of mind and allows for a swift plan of action, minimizing downtime and sourcing service, equipment and installation.

  2. Add Water Treatment Services. Buy a disinfection kit or annual agreement. This prevents wasting energy/money, prolongs equipment life and prevents disease.

  3. Add a service and maintenance agreement. Protect your investment and keep your system running at optimal performance. It's a large investment and your system works hard. Poor performance due to lack of maintenance leads to costly repairs, higher energy use/costs and lessens equipment life.

  4. Use Building Automation to Take Control. Many systems now integrate and can upgrade or add custom boards to tie in lighting, ventilation, other systems and even additional buildings to your HVAC equipment controls platform. Leverage technology to do more and set schedules to optimize energy use based on occupancy. Go beyond the thermostat.

  5. Buy Utilities Smarter. Thanks to deregulation, you have a choice on who you buy energy from. Don't try to bid this out yourself. All we need is your recent utility bill, and we will take it from there. This is a huge cost savings.

  6. Add Intelligent Services. Take a proactive approach to better building performance through Intelligent Services, which identifies waste, shows real time energy use and provides recommendations on improvement.

  7. Delegate the Load. Set up an account with Boland HVAC Parts & Supplies, so you can order online, set up an on-site parts store for your buildings, get 24/7 on call service, delivery and more!

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