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Case Study: Berkeley County Judicial Center

Updated: May 14

Berkeley County Judicial Center

Martinsburg, WV


Berkeley County Judicial Center is a 144,000 sq. ft., AECOM designed building located in Martinsburg, West Virginia that houses 9 courtrooms and 7 hearing rooms for the Circuit, Magistrate, and Family Courts. It was designed for an adaptive reuse of a 1920’s woolen mill, 1980’s outlet mall, and a 1990’s community and technical college.

In 2011, Berkeley Judicial Center’s energy costs were no longer fully accommodated by budget due to a decrease in tax revenue. Gary Wine, Director of Information Technology, decided to leverage his existing service relationship with Boland Trane in order to reduce and better align energy expenses with their new budget. He wanted to reduce building expenses, but also required a solution to track and monitor how Boland’s implemented improvements would eventually payoff.


In order to better align energy expenses with Berkeley’s reduced budget, Boland implemented:

  • Adjusted BAS schedules to better mirror the occupancy and use levels of the building

  • Added occupancy sensors to low-use areas in order to minimize unnecessary energy consumption

Boland also deployed Building Performance Report, powered by EnergyPrint, to allow Wine the ability to track the progress of the building’s energy reduction, as well as prove the results of its cost savings.


Building Performance Report allowed Berkeley Judicial Center to confidently track the positive progress of their building improvements, as well as prove the financial results of these improvements. All without additional work on either party’s end. Building Performance Report tracked the following results:

  • 29% decrease in weather-normalized energy consumption

  • 32% decrease in weather-normalized energy costs

  • $98,000+ in weather-normalized cost avoidance

Moving forward, Berkeley Judicial Center will continue to utilize their utility dashboard in order to track and prove the results of Boland’s projects and solutions. Wine stated, “EnergyPrint has proven to be an invaluable resource for our organization. We have leveraged the analytics to support service contract decisions as well as configuration polices that have helped us reduce our overall energy costs.”

Berkeley County Judicial Center Case Study
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