Data Centers Can Lose $10K Every Second They Are Down

Source: Bisnow

Writer: Julia Troy, Bisnow

When data centers go down, the consequences can be disastrous. Even if a center is only down for a few minutes, companies can quickly lose money, sensitive data and the trust of their customers.

“It’s not just about maximizing uptime, it’s about minimizing downtime,” said Boland Senior Account Executive, Garay “Doc” Goglio. “If every data center on the planet went down just a few times a year, it could cost trillions of dollars.”

Goglio has maintained data centers for some of the largest companies in the DC area, so Bisnow sat down with the mission critical expert to find out what owners can do to reinforce systems and prevent future shutdowns.

Bisnow: How did you come to work with data centers?

Goglio: I have been working in the HVAC industry for more than 35 years and have focused on data centers, also known as mission critical facilities, for a good portion of that time. Late one night early on in my Boland career, I received a call from one of the largest banks in Washington, DC – their data center was failing. I rushed over and quickly determined that the center was overheating and the cooling towers needed more water.

Once I fixed the initial problem, I spoke with the bank’s senior vice president, who asked me how to prevent this from happening again. I said there were measures he could take to stay online, but it would be a sizeable investment. He simply pointed to his watch and told me that every second the center was down, he was losing $10K.       At that moment, I realized the important role HVAC plays in making sure data centers stay online. Additionally, as I’ve grown in my role, so has the role of HVAC in mission critical sites. It’s not just about uptime and downtime, it’s also about equipment efficiency, sustainability and preparing for tomorrow by purchasing the right equipment for the job today.