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Design Solution: Mitsubishi Electric Trane US VRF Hyper Heat Mini Split System Technology Review

By Jack Wright, Sales Engineer

The Trane Mitsubishi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) hyper heat products work very well with the local climate in the greater DC area when compared to a typical residential heat pump. The ability to provide 100% heating capacity at 0-5°F (product depending) means supplemental electric heat is not needed in most applications - saving on installation time & money, energy consumption, space requirements for an additional unit (as well as added maintenance), and long term energy spend.

With the industry and local codes stressing electrification and reduction in fossil fuel usage, the Trane Mitsubishi Hyper heat products are becoming the solution for many commercial and residential applications.

Incentives Available from Local Utilities

As an added purchase incentive, VRF installations may be eligible for local commercial and residential rebates. Eligible equipment with hyper heat units ranging from 9mbh (36,000 Btu/h) to 3 tons:

  • P-Series – 1ST row, 3RD column

  • NV -Series – 1st row, 2nd and 3rd columns

Here’s a quick overview from our energy engineering team for commercial applications regarding rebates and incentives:

Pepco minimum requirements:

Dominion Energy’s requirements:

For residential applications, rebates can be found:

It is important to note that VRF and heat recovery are not eligible for prescriptive Pepco incentives. It must run through the custom path. The installer also must enroll in Pepco/Dominion’s service provider program.

We can help you sort through all of this in the design process, call us at (240) 306-3000 today to speak with one of our sales engineers or request help via


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