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Updated: Jul 3

Indoor Air Quality is Putting your Building, its Occupants, and your Productivity at Risk

Poor indoor air quality negatively impacts your employees' personal health, productivity, and sick day use. Beyond that, it increases HVAC energy and maintenance costs and affects your bottom line. It may be costing your business more money than you know.

  • Poor indoor air quality costs the US economy $168 billion per year.

  • The EPA estimates that our indoor air has nearly 5x more pollutants than outdoor air. Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) leads to decreased personal health and increased HVAC energy and maintenance costs.

  • A recent Harvard study found that there is a direct link between air quality and worker productivity (Lozanova).

  • Employees working in good air quality were TWICE as productive as those working in contaminants.

What does this mean for you?

You need to ensure that your building has good air-quality to protect your building and business.

Ultravation's eco-smart solutions reduce allergies, occurrences of the flu, colds and other health issues that arise from contaminated indoor air. Improved air quality will increase employee productivity. At the same time, HVAC energy and maintenance costs can be reduced, often eliminating the need for expensive and environmentally detrimental chemical HVAC coil cleaning techniques.

Ask Boland how to save your building with:

  • UV Treatments

  • Germicidal Airstream Treatment options

  • Ultravation Eco-Smart solutions

Call at (240) 306-3100 or email

Additional Resource just for you: ASHRAE's new IAQ Guide.


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