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Facility Management Services

If you have been dealing with multiple suppliers to maintain your building systems and equipment, that is more than one too many.

With Boland, you can call on a single source for the administration and maintenance of every system in your building – mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural.

You also receive a host of complimentary optional services, such as fire safety and security so your facility is expertly maintained, literally inside and out. 

Here are a few key benefits at-a-glance:

  • Save time and effort with a single source supplier

  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Boost productivity

  • Elevate your facilities’ performance

  • Maximize energy conservation

  • Implement a robust safety improvement program

  • Improve your buildings’ indoor air quality

  • Create a more satisfying comfort level for building occupants

  • Reallocate personnel, staffing and training resources

Of course it’s not just where you’re covered – it’s how. Boland approaches your needs from four dimensions:

Services Delivery Our best-in-class services are managed by our Intelligent Services Team. A dedicated customer support team, comprised of skilled professionals with deep industry experience, ensures a high level of quality control and customer satisfaction.

Our customized offering is delivered in the way that best fits your operations and management plan. For example, you can choose to have a technician on-site at all times. Alternatively, you can opt for our unique on-demand mobile service, delivered using local professionals, saving you time and money in the process. Whether the service ticket is automatically generated through an alarm, or by your request, qualified service personnel are dispatched and quickly en route. You can even tailor our services to use both on-site and mobile delivery if that best fits your organization.

After the service call is complete, our service technicians verify all work has been satisfactorily completed in compliance with your specifications.

Finally, before we close the work order, we provide a full report to ensure your satisfaction. It’s a closed-loop process that begins and ends with you, the customer.


Using revolutionary systems analytics and advanced prognostics, we’ll examine the performance of your systems and deliver the right skills, right parts and right materials at the right time. Our Intelligent Services technology performs analyses, generates reports and provides information on trends, deviations and repair opportunities.

This proactive approach to facility maintenance delivers the analytics and problem-solving capabilities to address potential issues before they disrupt your operations and incur additional expenses. It’s like having a team of technicians keeping watch over your facility around the clock - enabling you to spend less time on problems and more time on your core business.

Consultation With the data gathered within an optimization process, we’ll engineer a solution that delivers continuous improvement. You’ll have the information and advice needed to maximize your cost reduction strategies, reducing more than 95% of purchasing activity and delivering the highest quality of facility maintenance available in the industry.


Your facilities systems’ performance and maintenance outcomes are tracked in accordance with quality assurance standards and site specific metrics. With this information in hand, we’ll help you sustain your operations according to a quality control plan designed to deliver your specified results. Additionally, with a customized service agreement, you’ll enjoy the high standards of service performance and timeliness of delivery.

Ultimately, our approach to facility management services is friendly to your business and the planet. We make decisions every day designed to ensure environmentally sound and socially responsible practices in every part of our business. You can be certain that we’ll do the same with yours.

You get a custom-tailored solution— maintenance and management based not on the brands of your facilities’ systems, but rather the level of performance you want out of it.

An asset management program may fit your requirements for better cost control, helping you with decisions about continued investments in scheduled equipment maintenance and repairs, versus replacement. Accurate data with true and total costs after purchase is a powerful tool for managing all types of building equipment and systems.

Most importantly, you can stay focused on your business—not your facility—and concentrate your attention and efforts on the core competencies that grow your company’s revenue, profitability and market share.


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