How Building Owners Are Finding Free Money

Updated: May 30, 2019

It’s summer and you are experiencing the annual cost vs. comfort conundrum. Electrical demands go up as your AC kicks into gear, driving your energy bill higher and higher.

The only way to know that you’re getting the best rate on your energy spend is by performing an energy procurement audit, but where do you start?

Turns out, the solution is free and takes virtually no time at all. The next time you look at your buildings energy bill, just send it our way and our energy specialists will review your data, and provide you with a free energy procurement audit.

“Property managers have many decisions to make each day, some of them are tough decisions; this isn’t one of them. It is quick and easy to take advantage of a free energy procurement audit. The results will let property managers see how your energy provider can be a huge advantage,” said David Pirkey, Boland Account Executive.

“As a former property manager, I know how significant savings on your monthly energy bill can allow you to reallocate those resources to other needs and to improve the bottom-line of your building or portfolio,” adds Pirkey.