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EP 12: Finding Hidden Nuggets of Energy Savings

We all love to save money whenever, and wherever, we can. As a Building Owner, you want to save money, while also fostering a safe and healthy building space for your tenants. Now more than ever with building re-entry upon us, this idea is crucial. If you are struggling with bringing your building up to re-entry standards in a cost-effective way, this podcast episode is for you!

In episode 12 of "10 Minutes to a Better Building" podcast, Boland's Controls Specialist, Dean Smith, discusses how to find hidden nuggets of energy savings inside of your building.

Episode takeaways:

1. Identify your goals, so that experts can begin to find energy savings

2. Learn the proper system controls that provide energy savings

3. Discover energy saving costs and use those funds to assist in other projects for your building

For instructions on accessing podcasts, click here.


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