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EP 13: The Importance of Safety in HVAC Maintenance

Updated: May 12, 2021

Maintaining systems is very important especially if you use them in your everyday life. Let's take a vehicle for example, when you think about your vehicle, you use it to commute. For your vehicle to keep running and working, you have to maintain it. HVAC System maintenance is just as important as your vehicle maintenance where you also have to keep maintaining it and following the recommendations to maintain their HVAC system running efficiently.

In episode 13 of the "10 Minutes to a Better Building" podcast, Boland's Service Team Leader, Allen King, discusses the importance of safety when performing HVAC maintenance in commercial buildings.

Episode takeaways:

1. Types of maintenance that can be performed to commercial buildings

2. Apply safety measures when performing regular maintenance

3. Learn the various benefits of performing maintenance

For instructions on accessing podcasts, click here.


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