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EP 15: Improving Indoor Air Quality With ASHRAE & CDC Recommendations

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

An essential improvement for your building during a pandemic is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Did you know that one general recommendation for improving indoor air quality is to provide a minimum of code-level ventilation?

In episode 15 of the "10 Minutes to a Better Building" podcast, Boland's Optimization Engineer, Bri Widmoyer, discusses how Boland uses the three-tiered approach: Assess, Mitigate, and Manage, to help improve your building's IAQ while also following the ASHRAE and CDC guidelines.

Episode takeaways:

1. Look at the status of your building's indoor air quality (IAQ)

2. Determine what to do to improve your building's IAQ

3. Discover how to manage your building's IAQ long term

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