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EP 26: VRF Systems Provide Flexible Heating & Cooling Options

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

If you have ever been inside of a space that allows each room to be temperature controlled individually by the tenant, you have probably experienced the comfort a VRF system brings without even knowing it. Most VRF systems function as both heating and cooling, in one split system unit. Over the past few years, VRF has grown in popularity, due to its versatility and compact size.

What makes the VRF system different from any other system on the market, is that it is an inverter-driven refrigeration system, meaning that it has refrigerant in it, but the compressor and fans are actually modulating to vary the capacity.

In this episode, Boland Trane's Ductless Technical Specialist, Jason Lawrence, walks through what a VRF system is, how a VRF system operates, and whether it is the right equipment for your building. If you are looking to dive in deeper, Boland provides professional development courses on VRF. To learn view our VRF training schedule, please click here.

Episode takeaways:

  1. Understand how a VRF system operates in a building

  2. Learn how VRF systems can save your building energy and money

  3. Take professional development courses to learn more about VRF systems with a subject matter expert

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