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IEQ Means Water, Too

March 2021

With so much emphasis on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) when looking at Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and the threats in gases, particulate matter and biologicals, it can be easy to forget all about what is happening unseen within the pipes and cooling towers of a building. That is, until you have a problem.

Let’s talk about particulates and biologicals that might be sitting inside your building that are not being filtered and cleaned through in-duct equipment with UV lights or MERV-rated filters. Warmer weather leads to problems with bacteria, and changing regulations mean that employees may soon be finding themselves back in the office. Without a proper assessment of your water systems, bringing cooling towers and domestic water systems online could lead to flushing your system with bacteria, unwanted leaks, corrosion, scaled equipment, or even bigger problems, such as Legionella.

"Preparation is Key."

says Ben Feeney, Boland's resident water treatment expert and Water Technologies Division Leader. Ben leans on his strong background in chemical engineering to help diagnose and solve water treatment issues in buildings around the DMV. He's helped outline the following for building owners and building engineers looking to bring buildings back online.

5 Steps Every Building Owner Should do Before Spring

  1. Make a plan for spring seasonal maintenance and how regulation changes are going to impact your business. For instance, will you have occupancy changes? How long have systems been dormant?

  2. Professionally assess your facility for a thorough understanding of your facility’s needs, whether with internal staff or a professional services company.

  3. If water systems have been dormant, flush and bypass treatment systems if applicable. Make sure to check that drain traps have not dried out.

  4. Looks for leaks, discolored water, or other signs of trouble.

  5. After flushing and repairs are completed, consult your water treatment provider and sanitize your systems accordingly with the proper disinfectant. Test domestic water for E Coli & Coliforms as well as free chlorine residual. It may be necessary to have a professional company disinfect your domestic systems ahead of public use.

Ofcourse, if you are looking for the ‘EASY’ button, call Boland and we will help complete these steps for you. We can also asses your complete building system, not just the water treatment, for occupancy changes, energy usage, and integrated controls that remotely access, monitor and make changes to your building’s performance due to factors like inclement weather, schedule adjustments, or tenant changes.

Call us at (240) 306-3000 or complete the consultation form below:


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