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More Control, More Data at Your Fingertips - No Wires Attached

Building Owners Get More Features and Benefits from Trane Air-Fi

Sources: Trane Commercial

Owners and facility directors can now use one device to measure temperature, relative humidity, Co2 and occupancy status- without the use of a wired system. 'No more strings attached' systems also result in lower installation costs, streamlined processes and ease of operation.

Remember, Air-Fi already has built in technological advancements in place to make your job easier and more efficient- even when you are not there. The system prevents communication loss and automatically reroutes disrupted signals thanks to self-repairing mesh technology with redundant signal paths. A lifetime battery reassures you that a dead battery won't cause a system malfunction.

Again, no need to worry about system integration or equipment changes with the ZigBee® Building Automation Certification on this product. It is built with spaces to reconfigure with technology, integrate devices and supports open standards- fully.

We can show you how to use your data to optimize your building's efficiency, lower energy costs and achieve corporate goals. Not convinced, see how Alchemy Brewery made the most of their building automation.


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