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Your Checklist to Optimize Remote Monitoring

Updated: Jul 5

Source: Trane

The narrative around connected building technology has shifted, at least for the time being. Efforts around comfort, sustainability, and reducing energy costs through improved building management now include strategies for doing it all remotely due to COVID-19 making it difficult to work on site.  

  Most typical users only access a fraction of the full capabilities, and you may hold more power in your hands than you realize.

Check to see if you are Optimizing your Remote Monitoring and Control Capabilities:

  1. Monitor and check alarms regularly. Set up additional alarms to keep tabs on things you would normally check during building rounds.

  2. If occupancy patterns have changed, revise system scheduling to match. While many commercial buildings including offices, retail, restaurants, and entertainment venues may have less occupancy, mixed-use and multi-family residential buildings may have more people present at all hours of the day. Both scenarios can dictate system operational changes to either save money or manage comfort better.

  3. Reduce onsite needs. If on-site service is still required, drastically decrease the amount of time it takes to find the problem and perform the solution.

  4. Take note of remote building management gaps or weaknesses. Is there something you wish you could see or do remotely? Write them down and make a plan to make upgrades and changes that will help you in the future.

With new challenges come new solutions. We’re imaging new ways to advance technology to make buildings more responsive and resilient to customer needs and world events.

Contact your Account Executive or to optimize your building.


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