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Program Leadership Award: 2020 Most Innovative Project

April 2021

Boland’s Building Automation System (BAS) project for Georgetown Preparatory School (Hanley Athletic Center) was recognized as the 2020 Most Innovative Project by the Pepco Energy Savings for Business Program.

This project included:

  • Upgraded existing obsolete building automation system (BAS) to a Trane Tracer SC BAS with integrated technology enabling new and old hardware to existing in any application.

  • Deployed campus-wide IP network so operators can manage all buildings from a single interface via the internet and any device

  • Utilized real-time energy monitoring with automated sequencing to avoid demand peaks.

  • Implemented continuous system monitoring and improvement using Boland's intelligent operating models called Applied Building Insights — a human-machine operating engine. The Boland Applied Building Insights platform deploys an optimization algorithm that leverages vast amounts of data, both historic and simulated, to easily monitor and manage energy consumption, identify and respond to system deficiencies, and proactively conduct equipment maintenance.

  • Provided client with ongoing reporting and consultations including recommendations for continuous improvement of buildings to keep costs and operation stable.

  • Optimized central chilled water system and airside equipment by upgrading hardware and implementing advanced control sequences.

  • Utilized Trane Energy Supply Services to reduced their energy supply cost by $0.014/kW, resulting in annual savings of 12%.

  • Achieved a 21% kWh reduction in electricity consumption

Georgetown Prep received an incentive check from Pepco for 26% of the annual electric costs and reduced electric consumption by 21% after implementation.

The engineering/program management team nominated projects they had worked on last year. These were evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • High Savings Value

  • Excellent Application Submission Quality

The Pepco Energy Savings for Business Program is part of Empower Maryland. Here are the most up to date facts for business owners:

  • New Budgets are authorized 2021-2023

  • Strong Promotional Focus on Building Tune-Up – 2 new programs:

    • Pepco’s Small Building Tune-Up – incentives cover 75% of project cost up to $25,000

    • BGE’s Monitoring Based Tune-Up – incentives based on kWh reduction for 1st year of savings

  • Generally speaking:

    • Retrofit Lighting incentives cover between 30% - 50% of a project’s cost

    • Custom projects may cover up to 50% of a project’s cost for retrofits such as a new BAS

    • HVAC incentives are based on incremental cost – difference between standard efficiency and high efficiency. Up to 75% of incremental cost may be covered (both custom and prescriptive)

Ready to get started? We’ll review what qualifies for your building and handle the paperwork for you.


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