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EP 18: Contractual Compliance Sustains a Better Building

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

In our previous podcast episode, EP. 13: The Importance of Safety in HVAC Maintenance featuring Service Team Leader, Allen King, we discussed maintenance for your equipment. Today, we further/continue that discussion with the importance of working with a service company that puts emphasis on contractual compliance.

Barry Shirey, Boland Service Team Leader, discusses in depth the importance of contractual compliance. Contractual compliance provides routine maintenance to keep the system operating smoothly and transitioning between heating and cooling seasons. Barry leads a group of service technicians called Team G. The team comprised of seven Boland Service Technicians whose task is to perform contracts that have HVAC equipment.

Boland created this team to focus on completing all service contracts in a timely manner. 'A promise made is a promise kept' from Boland because we value the importance of being 100% compliant with our clients.

Episode takeaways:

1. Differentiate between standard service companies and Boland's ability to meet service contract agreements

2. Learn how our team operates equipped with diverse systems knowledge and experience that sets us apart from other companies

3. Understand the importance of both periodic equipment and overall building maintenance for your building

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