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EP 21: Make the Most out of Service Contracts

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

We are joined by Joe Lodico and Monica Lucas, two Boland associates who serve building owners in the DMV market. Together, they dive into service contracts. They share why it is so valuable to have a service contract in terms of ROI, explain how to make the most of them, and clarify any misconceptions you have about these contracts.

Service contracts are simply maintenance agreements that allow us to take care of our clients' equipment on a regular schedule. At Boland, we take it a step further by using a consultative approach when it comes to service agreements. We work hand in hand with clients as a strategic partner to build a service agreement with our client's short- and long-term building goals, budgetary needs, and time constraints in mind.

Episode takeaways:

  1. Effective maintenance programs drive meaningful ROI

  2. Service contracts are a simple and efficient way to prevent failures, adjust to present demands, and plan repairs

  3. Boland is a holistic building solutions provider offering data, analytics, energy services, HVAC maintenance, water treatment, rental solutions, equipment repair, and more

To learn more about service contracts, click here.

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